Testimonials From Clients And Peer Attorneys

When a financially or personally significant dispute arises that may lead to litigation, both the outcome and the client’s overall experience matter greatly. Not all clients who achieve positive results feel compelled to put their testimonials, but when they do, it provides exceptional insight into the style and effectiveness of a given lawyer.

Recognized For Dedication, Pure Hard Work, Insight And Results

The accounts below are especially gratifying for an attorney who takes pride in the comprehensive support she provides as well as the results she achieves. Recurring themes in these statements reflect Stacey Reese’s versatility, relentless determination and proven ability to find the best forum for dispute resolution based on clients’ needs across her areas of legal service.

  • “I have utilized Stacey on several occasions to assist with employee noncompete/intellectual property-related issues and to help protect my company’s online identity. I have been extremely satisfied and impressed with how quickly Stacey understood my issues. She was able to quickly give me sound legal advice and was able to resolve my issues with minimal assistance from me and my team. Her experience proved to be invaluable and I plan to continue to utilize her for ongoing legal needs.” — Joe Berti, CEO, Clockwork Solutions
  • “Stacey did a masterful job getting [the case] settled under difficult circumstances. I enjoyed working with [her] and appreciated how she and her client handled the matter.” — Ronnie Lyon, co-defense counsel in a noncompete case
  • “Ms. Reese took over all aspects of the case, leaving me time to recuperate from my injuries and try to get on with my life without the frustration of facing this process by myself. She kept me informed on the lawsuit and a timeline of what to expect. Most of all, I appreciate the ease of mind that she provided for my family and me. My case was settled to my satisfaction in a timely manner – this was due to Ms. Reese’s attention to detail, legal knowledge and negotiating skills. I would recommend Ms. Reese’s firm to anyone who is looking for a local attorney who works for her clients tirelessly and obtains results.” — Claudette H., plaintiff in a personal injury case
  • “Stacey Reese is a very capable and professional attorney. Her levels of organization, attention to detail, and follow-up are exceptional. I have enjoyed working with her on groundwater law-related matters over the last eight years.” — Joel K., Manager of End Op, LP
  • “Stacey provided thorough direction and guidance related to legal and regulatory groundwater issues during End Op, LP’s production permit contested case hearings for which I was providing expert witness support. I was pleased to be working with her and appreciated her attention to detail in preparing testimony and supporting materials for the hearings.” – Mike Keester, P.G., LRE Water, LLC (previously with Thornhill Group, Inc.)
  • I would highly recommend Stacey as an experienced litigator who gets results. Stacey is a true professional who exemplifies a hard work ethic, persistence and a strong passion for her clients’ needs. She has always exceeded my expectations!” — Brian S., an individual client in an employment matter
  • “Dependable, thorough, and team oriented, [Stacey is a] valuable asset in any complex civil lawsuit. I have worked with her as co-counsel on several cases… and hired her to defend me and one of my companies in a messy business dispute. She won the case and every motion.” — Britton D. Monts of The Monts Firm in Austin
  • “Stacey went above and beyond handling every aspect of my case. I live out of state and trying to handle my mother’s probate case while working and taking care of my family left me feeling overwhelmed. As soon as Stacey took my case, that feeling immediately dissipated. Stacey took the lead guiding me through this process, diving right into the pile of paperwork while keeping me informed of the current and future obstacles I might encounter. What was a mountain quickly turned into a molehill. Thanks, Stacey!” — Jack L., administrator of an estate in probate court in Travis County, Texas