An Experienced Austin Water Law Attorney

The tension between industrial companies’ needs for a consistent water supply, Central Texas landowners’ rights and water conservation is familiar territory for Austin-based attorney Stacey Reese. Her experience in navigating the complex legal and administrative challenges associated with Texas groundwater and land use disputes is a premier asset for individual clients and area law firms.

A Studied, Comprehensive Perspective On Groundwater Use Disputes In Central Texas

Ms. Reese is a proven legal resource for work and representation in disputes across the spectrum of Texas water law. She has extensive knowledge of the roles and perspectives of local authorities, state-level regulatory agencies and the courts in resolving disputes over groundwater use. Her experience and capabilities cover:

  • Complex permitting issues faced by individual and commercial landowners and tenants
  • general counsel for groundwater districts
  • Legal concerns associated with responsible “water marketing” initiatives
  • “Takings claims” at the district court level, as well as presentation of clients’ critical agendas in contested case hearings before an administrative law judge (ALJ)
  • administrative appeals from groundwater permitting matters
  • Class-action litigation against property owners who have imposed excessive and improper fees and charges upon users

Practical And Informed · Be The Better-Prepared Party In Your Water Law Case

At Stacey Reese Law, water law issues are treated in a decidedly “goal-centric” manner. Ms. Reese’s knowledge of the evolving regulatory framework and avenues for dispute resolution will be an invaluable asset for you as an individual client, fellow lawyer or law firm with water law concerns in Central Texas.

“Stacey Reese is a very capable and professional attorney. I have enjoyed working with her on groundwater law-related matters over the last eight years.” — a testimonial from a water marketer and client