Litigation, Dispute Resolution And Special Counsel

Attorney Stacey V. Reese focuses her law practice on resolution of civil disputes, emphasizing rigor throughout the discovery and litigation processes and close alignment with clients’ goals. She offers thorough, upfront case analysis and forthright, strategic guidance every step of the way when representing her own clients, and her talent, passion and professionalism reward the trust placed in her by other Austin-area law firms that engage her on a case-specific or special counsel basis.

Contract Disputes, Intellectual Property And Employment Law · Extensive Knowledge Of Texas Water Law · Seamless Collaboration With Other Firms

Other lawyers, businesses large and small, and individuals embroiled in complex, high-value disputes benefit from Stacey Reese’s knowledge of all aspects of the litigation process. She delivers an all-out effort whether conducting research, taking depositions, writing briefs, filing suit, or leading the way in mediation, arbitration or trial. Her successful case experience covers a vast spectrum of legal disputes, including many within these complex areas:

  • A full range of complex contract-related and other business disputes, including breach of contract, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, business divorces, construction defects, commercial leases, and estate and probate litigation
  • Intellectual property claims involving alleged misappropriation of trade secrets; patent, copyright and trademark infringement; ownership disputes and more
  • Employment issues, including noncompete agreements, FLSA, discrimination and retaliation claims, employment contracts and whistleblower claims
  • Water law and related litigation, including groundwater permitting challenges; disputes between landowners, “water marketers” and the regulatory authorities; and class actions by residential tenants against property owners who have profited from utility billing
  • Providing An Edge For Other Law Firms · Astute, Innovative Counsel

    Are you evaluating a case that appears promising, but debating whether your firm’s resources are sufficient and available? Austin-area law firms turn to attorney Stacey V. Reese with confidence in her skills and commitment. Stacey V. Reese can step in as special counsel, tailoring her efforts to your concerns. Ms. Reese is proven capable of fulfilling any role on a cohesive litigation team or spearheading the strategic effort to deliver favorable results for the client. To request a consultation, call or email the firm.